Not Vital, Tower of Hair, SCARCH
Not Vital, Disappearing House, SCARCH
Not Vital, Bridge, SCARCH
Not Vital, Stage, SCARCH
Not Vital, Glass House, SCARCH
Not Vital, Donkey Bridge, SCARCH
Not Vital, River House, SCARCH
Not Vital, Tower of Hair, SCARCH
Not Vital, Disappearing House, SCARCH

In the first half of the 20th century, the architect Nikolaus Hartmann built the parkin for Lüzza (Luzio) Crastan. Crastan was a Randulin; a guest worker who had migrated from the Engadin to Italy.
When the second World War broke out, Crastan had to abandon his dream of building a villa in the Engadin. By then, the parkin had been realized with all of its paths, with a swimming pool and a terrace for the house – but without a house.
With time, the parkin became overgrown by nature. Of all that used to be, barely anything remained visible and all of the paths became impenetrable.
In May 1998, Not Vital bought the park from Otto Augustin and subsequently transformed it into a foundation named Not dal mot. With his brother Duri, he began to bring the park back to life.
They cut many trees, freed the paths from all the ingrown plants, planted flowers and vested the swimming pool with stainless steel. With the years, sculptures were installed and architectural installations were built.
Now, one traverses the valley on donkey-heads or via an invisible bridge. Even a house including stairs, made entirely of Murano glass, was built. Another house simply vanishes in the ground at the click of a button.
With the parkin SCARCH was born – a group of works with which Not Vital merges sculpture and architecture. By now, he has realized such projects on every continent.

Each Friday, from mid-June to the beginning of October, the parkin is open to the public. In order to visit, please announce yourself at the tourism office of the village of Sent (Scuol).